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About Rhody Transportation and Warehousing

Rhody Transportation and Warehousing was founded in 1977 by third generation trucking industry brothers Ken and Steve Harrall originally from Cranston, RI. The name Rhody is the nickname for the smallest state in the Union and selecting that moniker was fortuitous since indeed big things come in small packages! Rhody has grown in these 40 years by staying true to the focus on the customer while respecting and rewarding the hard work and dedication of their employees. Service is all we sell and without successfully delivering service with each shipment, Rhody would not have grown into the success it is today.

In 2001 Rhody opened our current facility at the Quonset Business Park in North Kingstown, RI. This gleaming modern facility in Southern New England ( NE ) sits on the site of the former Quonset Naval Air Base swimming pool where many a pilot practiced splash landings before setting off to defend our great nation. While our job will never require the sacrifice and bravery of those fine men and women who served our country, we are ever mindful that their dedication made all of our success possible.

With 14 dock doors and one ground level dock door, Rhody can accommodate the activity of our third party warehousing customers while managing our customer transportation activities as well. We offer a temp controlled, food-grade 125,000 square foot secure warehouse with both pallet racking and machinery floor storage. Our facility has security cameras and pass code limited access as well as a sprinkler fire suppression racking system. In order to meet industry and government approvals for food storage we meet rigorous inspection standards for cleanliness.